As we come to the end of this year 2018, we wanted to take a minute to share an incredible 12 months. 2018 was indeed a master number year, an 11 year. A year where many astonishing events would unfold like pages from a dream. Looking back gives us an opportunity to thank all those who arrived and lent a hand to help keep this Lighthouse burning bright. Without our volunteers and supporters we would not still be standing, stronger than ever.

Our beloved Marian stated with great confidence that after her transition the right people would hear the call and would come to hold this Sacred ground.  And arrive they did!  This year gave us great hope when friends old and new arrived and gave selflessly of their time, talents and teachings.

We continue our traditional pot luck Sunday service where we share delicious plates of our best culinary efforts. This is a wonderful time for all of us to try different tastes and be together for a time of fellowship and sharing. Pot Luck Sunday is the second Sunday of every month and everyone is welcome.

It has been a true blessing to share Sunday Services in our beautiful Chapel here at Terra Nova. Each Sunday at 11 am we come together to weigh and consider different aspects of this Spiritual journey we are all on together. Rev. Lianne Starnes and I, hold true to the covenant; “keep with me this hour“. Our commitment to continuing is strong and unshakable. Many people find their way to our chapel and feel instantly that “surely the presence of the Lord is in this place“.  Whether it is a Sunday or any other day; our practice, prayers and presence in the chapel at Terra Nova has built up a beautiful energy many call Sacred Space.

This year our beautiful Chapel has been the venue for several weddings, too many funerals, christening and listening sessions where in silence we wait on that inner voice each one of us has. In the stillness of these winter months you can hear the birthday songs and rhythms from drum circles, the laughter and tender tears we have all shared. Our guest speakers who traveled to our little lighthouse on the mountain to speak and share wisdom, leave a trail of wisdom and words that will forever be coded into this sacred space. The crystals in our Chapel record the essence and presence of each Soul and bless for all time the beautiful matrix that would bring your light this way.

This past Spring arrived with many challenges. Water in the Hideaway, burst pipes, broken equipment and a multitude of labor intensive tasks that we all set about tending to. God blessed Terra Nova with a powerful set of hands and steady energy when Debbie Oakley joined our team. Indeed this work is not for the feint of heart and Debbie has proven to be a competent, consistent energy with a willing mind to move forward despite uncertainties. She is living in the Eagles Nest cabin here at Terra Nova and is a welcoming energy to our guests.  Dale Oestman continues to help here at Terra Nova with maintenance and fixing equipment. He has been a great help this year in getting our aging pipes and plumbing up to date. Dale is also a vital member of the Cedar Mountain Fire Department and we are grateful to have him here for EMT and other emergencies.   Many of you remember Troy, who has been here at Terra Nova since the beginning, he has moved into the main Lodge with Lianne.  Many of the structures and repairs here at Terra Nova have been built by Troy and he continues to play a role in our projects. Rev. Lianne Starnes, holds our office and staff together. She mans the phones and handles all the day to day requirements of managing a not for profit Light Center.  Alisha is in her final semester of a Pharmacy Tech program and is doing very well with this career path. The girls, Kyliegh and Annara are growing like weeds and are beautiful lights here at Terra Nova.

Charlene and I have purchased a beautiful property right down the road from Terra Nova so that we may continue to grow our Native Equestrian Program. We needed to move our horses quickly. We have known the State of NC would be coming soon to repair the bridge on Reasonover Road.  Construction of the bridge took over pastures and pulled up fencing, however by the Spring of 2019 all will be in good order and ready for our guests.

We welcome the Betten’s to our Terra Nova Family, Chad, Jenny and Jacey.  Chad arrived in the Spring, rolled up his sleeves and helped us with all sorts of clearing, landscaping, building and painting.  Jenny, a homesteading practitioner found Terra Nova the perfect place for her chickens to call home. She is a traditional baker and gardener, lending a hand where ever is needed here at Terra Nova. Having boots on the ground is essential to the everyday running of Terra Nova.

We enjoyed many guests at Terra Nova this past year. Donna came early spring, parked her little camper and became a great part of our team. Our friends from Vegas arrived in time to help get everything in order for the upcoming summer. Coming and going like a dance, great Souls arrived to play on the lake, look for fairies in the garden, identify rare mountain orchids, look for woodpeckers and walk on our beautiful trails. Our bon fires by the lake blazed in a good way and let us know that even on the darkest night there is a fire that burns in the hearts of friends and family.

We invite you to plan your visit to Terra Nova for the upcoming 2019 season. The springtime is beautiful, the summer is cool and the fall colorful. For any season Terra Nova Center provides a safe, sacred space for you and your family.

From all of us here at Terra Nova we wish you and yours a lovely Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.

In Blessed Love and Light
Rev. Patty Young